Gambling Laws In Maryland

The gambling laws in Maryland, as well as a number of federal laws which stand as the benchmark for gambling regulation in the United States such as the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, outlaw the business of facilitating bets for profit. Originally, these archaic laws were meant to target organized crime and put a halt to racketeering all the while leaving the casual and recreational bettor largely unaffected. In fact, citizens of the United States, Maryland included, are able to place a bet as they see fit so long as they do not attempt to profit from it other than personal winnings.

There is room left between the lines for each individual state to form its own regulation regarding gambling and either expand upon or keep the federal laws as they are. Maryland is one such state that has done so and this page is here for those wishing to gamble lawfully in the Free State to inform themselves of their own state's laws.

Legality of Gambling in Maryland - Is It Legal?

Maryland has one of the most simplified gambling laws in the union with a clear and to the point passage under Section 12-102(a)(b) which defines what individuals may, and may not do when it comes to gambling in regards to the Maryland Criminal Laws. Upon taking the time to read it, the words are precise in saying that Gambling is prohibited under state law and also lays out the penalties for doing so.

Gambling in Maryland is undoubtedly frowned upon and there is little wiggle room left in the legislation for bettors to find loopholes which may allow them to gamble within the state's borders. Unless residents are placing a bet among friends on the Ravens, or holding a low stakes poker game within the privacy of their own home where no profit is being turned, not gambling at all is likely the safest course of action.

Maryland has not completely outlawed gambling, however. The state has numerous licensed casinos and gambling facilities throughout the state as well as a lottery. The state has approved slots, table games and even live poker for residents to take advantage of at their discretion. As is the case with many other states which license casinos, the regulations are strict due to the fact that the state wishes gamblers to only place their bets within facilities where the local government can reap the profits rather than unknown entities. Maryland generates an estimated $2 billion dollars a year through its lottery and gambling facilities, so one can stand to imagine that authorities become upset when that money goes elsewhere.

Land-Based Gambling In Maryland

Maryland hosts quite a few different gambling facilities within its borders all of which are a short driving distance away no matter which portion of the state one wishing to gamble is located. There are four licensed casinos with a fifth currently under construction, all of which will have slots, table games and live poker available to bettors. There are also six pari-mutuel betting locations which also offer slots and other games to go along with either thoroughbred racing or harness racing. Maryland also hosts a state lottery for those less adventurous in the ways of gambling. Oddly, there are no tribal casinos that exist within the state of Maryland unlike many other states in the union, as there are no Native American tribes operating casinos within the borders of Little America.

Online Gambling In Maryland

While Maryland has been mentioned in the news for online gambling related events such as the federal indictment of Calvin Ayre (Founder of Bodog), there actually is no legislation which specifically discusses the matter or lays out any framework for laws. The state did consider legislation and creating regulated online poker sites upon neighboring Maryland beginning to do just that, but lawmakers decided against pressing forward with any online gambling laws. To date, there is nothing in current Maryland gambling laws which say that you are not allowed to gamble online. This means that Maryland residents must look to the parenting federal laws in order to determine their online gambling possibilities. As we discussed above on this page, it is only illegal by federal law to engage in the business of facilitating bets for profit while the act of simply placing a bet is not criminalized in any way. Provided that one wishing to place a bet is doing so on an online gambling site which is located outside of the United States, the sky is the limit.

Sites that are based in the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada have been providing service for decades with security and reliability abound, specifically created for American users. These sites have become increasingly popular over the years with new members joining up in droves from all across the country as well as from Maryland.

Popular Gambling Options In Maryland:

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Legal Maryland Gambling Sites
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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In Maryland?

The legal gambling age for residents and those visiting the state of Maryland is 18 years of age for pari-mutuel betting and lottery, however, the age for visiting one of Maryland's state licensed casinos is 21 years of age or older. For those Maryland residents who wish to visit, and gamble with, one of our recommended online gambling sites in Maryland, the legal gambling age is 18 years of age or older.

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